Aged Care Advice

Sedley Koschel Wealth boasts an accredited aged care professional team to deliver qualified and effective aged care advice. Let Sedley Koschel help you navigate aged care fees and strategies to meet your family and estate planning circumstances, providing better lifestyle choices in the later stages of life.

Aged care advice is not just relevant for older clients.

As passionate Financial Planners, we recognise the growing needs presented by Australia’s ageing population and have fine-tuned our specialist services as more of our valued clients transition through to the next stage of their lives. We can help you and your family navigate complicated aged care decisions, as a natural transition to our existing service.

“Often advice may be sought by the children or by a retiree planning ahead of time for their sunset years. Whatever the scenario, our team are here to listen and offer the best advice.”

Sedley Koschel Wealth Aged Care solution involves:

  • Helping plan well ahead of time for your aged care needs;
  • Helping navigate the process of moving into aged care and assess affordability, minimising fees or maximising entitlements can be a bonus outcome;
  • Helping know where to start, what decisions need to be made and what it will take to get into the care required;
  • Creating family solutions;
  • Providing choices for structuring finances and estate planning;
  • Helping make informed decisions during difficult times;
  • Working with families to create peace of mind and a financial pathway to help transition their ageing parents with ease.

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