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We’re witnessing the rise of the smartphone entrepreneur. When asked what the most important tool for running a business would be in the future young entrepreneurs’ said, smartphones.
A stagging 70% of internet traffic now comes from mobile devices. We check our phones about 85 times a day. You’re probably reading this on one right now and it won’t be long before you check it again. This ‘addiction’ gets a lot of bad press but for small business owners, the smartphone is now their secret weapon.
It’s the key system for your life, from keeping in touch with people to answering any question instantly, to managing projects, to getting traction online, teams, tasks and expenses from anywhere.
Here are two great apps for entrepreneurs to manage a business on the go:
Trello App – Simple task management app
Apps such as Slack and Asana are great for growing teams – but if you need a simple, quick, shareable dashboard for managing projects, Trello is fantastic. It allows you to create a board, invite team members and start collaborating within minutes.
Curve App – For simpler business spending
Curve makes it easier for you to manage business spend and automate expenses. It simplifies the way you spend, cuts out FX fees on business trips and allows you to automate expenses. It is one card that curates all accounts together and works with one app to manage them. Being an entrepreneur is a risky endeavour and in order to succeed you need be sure of a few things first.

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Credit: https://cpainerie.com/top-7-tips-to-be-a-successful-entrepreneur/