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Take control of your entire financial life by easily tracking your portfolio and assets with
our secure Personal Wealth Portal.

We have created a brand new, streamlined process designed to create, expand and safeguard your assets all in the one place through the Sedley Koschel Personal Wealth Portal via our website and on the myprosperity app. 

Simple and Secure Platform

Forget complicated charts and busy platforms that are confusing to navigate. Through our powerful portal you can easily monitor all your wealth – from bank accounts and property to superannuation and more – as well as understand your spending, set budgets and track your goals in one convenient place. The portal allows you to securely upload, store and sign all your essential documents including wills, insurances, receipts and rental statements.

myprosperity is trusted by over 60 million people worldwide, and with bank-level security utilising 256-bit encryption and physical security you can be assured that your privacy and data is safe. Your finances are accessible across all devices, from mobile and tablet to desktop.

Become a member and get access to the Sedley Koschel Personal Wealth Portal via our website and on the myprosperity app.  

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Get the lowdown on your wealth status and opportunities through the Personal Wealth Portal

Your Financial World in the One Place

Your assets, liabilities and documents can be managed, tracked and stored in one secure environment rather than spread across many platforms. 

Build your A-team

Your Sedley Koschel team of financial advisors will help you identify opportunities and report on your wealth with the data you provide. With everything in the one place, your advisors can better collaborate and build your finances.

Wealth Health Snapshots

Understand your financial health with monthly snapshots and summaries of all you own and owe. You’ll be able to see future wealth projections, review your financial priorities and receive a personalised action plan to future-proof your wealth. 

Personal Wealth Portal Features

Budgeting made friendly

Spreadsheets are a thing of the past in your Personal Wealth Portal. Take control of your incoming and outgoing financials with instant budgets devised from up-to-date data. See where you’re spending your money and create limits around certain categories to reflect your goals.

Timely property management and vehicle information

Gather live-data feeds and free valuations to track the performance of your property and vehicles. Securely store your purchase documents and depreciation schedules in your personal portal. You’ll also discover how much equity you have and find opportunities for what you can buy now or in the future.

Never Miss a Deadline

With push notifications and email reminders, you’ll never miss a due date for payments and important documents.

Commence Your Journey to Wealth

If you’re looking for an app that’s simple, effective, secure and helps you grow your wealth, call Sedley Koschel to get your Personal Wealth Portal started.

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