We also offer SKYPE and teleconference services for Australia-wide, FIFO and overseas clients. Headed by Robert Koschel, certified financial advisor and highly awarded wealth planner, we provide an ongoing service at each life stage. Our qualified team embrace this ‘whole-of-life’ perspective with each and every client.

Financial Advisor

Financial planning involves developing comprehensive, effective strategies to strengthen your financial security and ensure your financial goals can be met. These strategies provide a source of income other than your business or employment income. Our process starts with an in-depth summary of your current financial position, goals and objectives. A step-by-step plan to achieve these goals is then formulated and implemented. We will then regularly review your long-term financial plan at each life stage to ensure minimal tax liability and financial risk.

Financial Advice

We have assisted individuals and businesses achieve a favourable financial future for more than forty years. With a background in Accounting and Tax, Sedley Koschel Wealth provide the holistic assistance you need to implement a successful financial strategy and become financially secure.

Specialised Services

Depending on your needs, Sedley Koschel Wealth services may include;

  • Financial Planning
  • Wealth Accumulation & creation strategies
  • Tax effective investments & tax minimisation
  • Investment strategies
  • Retirement Planning
  • Superannuation
  • Self Managed Superannuation Funds (SMSF)
  • Borrowing within SMSF
  • Share trading management
  • Margin lending
  • Debt structure & reduction
  • Aged Care services
  • Estate Planning
  • Risk Insurance & structuring
  • Division of Marital assets
  • Outsourcing financial planning services (for Accounting firms)

To determine if you need the assistance of a qualified financial planner, simply book an obligation-free half hour consultation.
You can visit our Gold Coast office in Hope Island, and Robert Koschel is also available in Mt Isa once a month. Alternatively, we are happy to hold a SKYPE or teleconference meeting.
Do you know if your income is working at its optimum? Are your investments and savings producing the highest possible return? Is your debt structure providing the best tax savings?
Don’t take unnecessary risks with your future! Contact us now.

Share Portfolios

Sedley Koschel Share trading is a full-service advisory firm, servicing south-east Queensland.
Our Advisers provide advice and execution services for clients looking to trade in securities and have access to in-depth research and a full range of services and products.
Share Trading and Advice Services

  • Advice – Personalised advice on direct investment in Australian listed shares
  • New Issues – Regular offerings of new issues (to retail and wholesale clients) and placements (generally only available to wholesale clients)
  • Research – Access to research on most of the ASX 300 listed companies as well as coverage of an array of mid-cap, small and emerging companies; sector research and regular economic and market commentary; regular strategy updates and in-depth coverage of our preferred stocks. Specialist coverage on exchange traded funds (ETFs), Listed Investment Companies (LICs) and hybrid issues
  • Margin Lending – The service offers competitive interest rates and a comprehensive list of Approved Securities to borrow against
  • Cash and Fixed Interest – In-house cash services with competitive interest rates for at-call and term deposit funds. Cash account1 that can be linked to your share trading account for ease of settlement. Access to bank bills, company debentures and other fixed interest products
  • Portfolio Administration Service – Comprehensive reporting on investment portfolios and management of all paperwork across a range of different asset types including: shares, cash, unlisted managed funds and interest rate products. Online access to portfolios along with quarterly and annual reporting of all transactions, portfolio valuations and annual tax reporting
  • Superannuation – Advice on superannuation from accredited Advisers supported by in-house superannuation specialists. Advice on self-managed superannuation funds


A Self Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF) is a specialised retirement savings plan used to accumulate superannuation monies for the retirement benefits of its members. Self Managed Superannuation Funds (SMSF) are now among most popular type of fund within the superannuation industry in Australia and have grown in popularity due to numerous advantages over traditional industry or retail superannuation funds such as:

  • Increased Control – Greater control over how the fund’s assets are invested. The ability to control their superannuation interests is a major factor for individuals looking to establish their own SMSF.
  • Added Options – The ability to invest directly into residential and commercial property. Trustees are able to invest in assets of their choice and recover excess franking credits from the Australian Taxation Office each financial year.
  • Borrowing – The possibility of borrowing funds in your SMSF for property or other investments.
  • Flexibility – Ability to pool your funds with family members, and flexibility when transitioning into retirement.
  • Taxation Benefits – SMSF’s also have the capacity to cater for various tax advantages and in a lot of cases, the real possibly of lower running costs and greater risk management.

Sedley Koschel Wealth can assist with both the set up and ongoing administration of your SMSF.
Not sure if SMSF is for you? Are you currently in a retail super scheme and not sure how it is comparing?

Take control of your retirement plan today and book an appointment with one of our highly accredited professionals.


(targeted at external Accountants)

With the removal of the accountant’s exemption, many accounting firms are confused and unsure if they should obtain their own Limited AFS License. This represents a tremendous opportunity for accountants to grow and diversify their business by partnering with a trusted financial planning firm. By offering additional financial services, accountants are better servicing their clients and deriving additional income from structuring advice.
Sedley Koschel Wealth partners with independent Accounting firms to help them retain clients, increase profitability and value-add client services. We have a winning and proven partnership formula.
In one partner case study, Sedley Koschel Wealth’s financial planning services were introduced progressively to a North-Qld firm’s existing client base. This generated more than 200k worth of additional business over eighteen months. Sedley Koschel Wealth also proactively assist our partner accounting firms source new business through joint targeted marketing, advertising and events. Talk to us about how we can help your firm lock in and grow your wealth clients, before FoFA 2016.
When considering the best licensing option for your firm, a referral partnership with Sedley Koschel Wealth will provide you with many advantages. Do you really want to deal with all that AFS licensing entails? The dispute resolution process, compliance framework, PI insurance, audit certificates, responsible managers, ASIC and your legal requirements? Not to forget the additional cost, time and training requirements? A referral partnership with Sedley Koschel Wealth ensures you focus on what you do best; accounting and tax planning.
The Sedley Koschel Wealth division is headed by Partner Robert Koschel [B.Bus (Acc), CPA, SSA, SPAA, Affiliate ICAA, Registered Tax Agent].
Robert Koschel is a Sub Authorised Representative (ARN 244979) of Sedley Koschel Wealth Pty Ltd, a Corporate Authorised Representative (No.326979) of Professional Investment Services Pty Ltd. ABN 11 074 608 558 | Australian Financial Services Licence No. 234951.

Financial Planning Specialties:

  1. Self managed Superannuation (SMSFs),
  2. Portfolio Management and Investment
  3. Holistic advice for large family groups and high net worth families,
  4. Family office,
  5. Wealth Protection,
  6. Business Owners Protection Insurance,
  7. Estate Planning,
  8. Will Scoping,
  9. Specialist experience dealing with small and medium sized businesses located in the mining industry.